Battle Report: Hylenna vs Agathia, 25 points

Greetings Fellow Warriors,

This is a Battle Report between Cryx forces lead by Bane Witch Agathia and Retribution of Scyrah forces lead by Magister Hylenna. This is at 25 points for a journeyman league we were running.

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Why and How Should You Start Warmachine & Hordes

Greetings fellow generals,
In today’s article I would like to talk about my game system of choice at the moment; Warmachine & Hordes from Privateer Press, and it’s painting intricacies.

Warmachine & Hordes is a competitive tabletop minis game, set in a steampunk world, where each player brings an agreed upon same points costed army to the table and then proceed to try to kill each other; or win via scenario objectives.

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Journeyman League, Second Week

For the second week we only had 2 meet-ups. The first one was a meet-up on Wednesday in Fantasy n’ Games, Mall Taman Anggrek. There were actually more games played in this meet-up, but not all of them were for the league. There were 2 league games played: Retribution vs Trollblood, with Retribution victory; and Menoth vs Circle, with Menoth victory.

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Journeyman League, First Blood

First week of our Journeyman League!

This week we had three separate meet-ups for our Journeyman League. The first one was on Wednesday where we had 2 Menoth, 1 Trollblood, 1 Retribution, 1 Circle, 1 Cryx, and 1 Mercs players. The matches are fierce and swift because some of us there are veterans, but it was fun and refreshing as well: Having less models/options on the table makes every Warjack destroyed a big blow to the battlegroup.

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Blast From the Past

A few weeks ago I found a huge cache of vintage GW models from the late 1990s. The owner used to own a tabletop gaming shop that focused on Games Workshop games, until the economic crisis hits Indonesia on 1998. I heard about it from a friend, then I tried to contact him because: A. I think that it is such a waste and B. I really want to see old GW specialist games like Epic 40k, Blood Bowl, Gorka Morka, or Necromunda in person. I heard a lot of great things about them, but back when I started to get into this hobby, they are no longer in sale and the existing ones in eBay are very expensive.

The guy is a very busy man, but luckily he finally agreed to meet me. We met somewhere in Jakarta and look what I’ve found:

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The BIG one

Greetings fellow Generals,

I’d like to introduce myself; my name is Steven and I am a hobby butterfly. (This is a technical term, meaning, a hobbyist who likes to flit from hobby to hobby without ever accomplishing anything worth while, there is a much less technical term for this type of hobbyist: Game wh…. Well let’s just say that the second word rhymes with “more”)
I started out like every other old fart of the tabletop gaming hobby, with Warhammer and 40k, back in the glory days of GW, where men were men and to get a game in, you had to walk 20 miles through snow… And all uphill!

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Warmachine Journeyman League

Warmachine & Hordes has been our main game for a long time and we have joined multiple tournaments in neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Why so far away you ask? Because for the last couple of years our local meta is close to none; but some of us kept on playing.

Therefore, it is such a great pleasure for us to see our Warmachine & Hordes meta growing again starting from near the end of MK2, and then boosted further by the birth of MK3.

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