Warmachine & Hordes 101: Part 3 – Scenario Victory Condition

Playing for scenario is tricky, because you need to take into account a lot of stuff in order to succeed. It is usually not something you can master in a short period of time, because you need to get yourself used to the scenario play mindset. That mindset means that you need to take into account: how to score in the scenario, identifying key models and how to deal with them, and all while keeping your caster and key models safe.

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Warmachine & Hordes 101: Part 2 – Assassination Victory Condition

Going for assassination is much like playing a puzzle: Order of activation is VERY important. If you mess it up, you’ll miss a piece of the puzzle and you may have missed your chance. Warcasters and warlocks are usually the most guarded model on the opposing army; hidden behind intervening models and models with defensive abilities such as shield guard. You need to peel off those defensive measures layer-by-layer before hitting the gooey insides.

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Warmachine & Hordes 101: Part 1 – Goal of the Game

Starting Warmachine & Hordes (WM&H) can be such a daunting task. Right from the start there are a ton of interactions that a player have to learn. Due to the game’s competitive nature, most of it can cost them the game prematurely. Veterans reached where they are after surviving dozens, or even hundreds, of unforgiving defeats. Therefore, I can understand why some veterans consider streamrolling newbies with excessive victories to be an “initiation” that can give two results: Either the newbie is proven to be too casual to play this kind of game and quits; or the WM&H community gained an additional player whose resilience is proven.

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Journeyman League, Third Week

This week is a slow one, some of us are unable to avoid real life to attend to the league. But nevertheless there were some real good fights fought here.

The first game was between Retribution and Cryx, which is narrated in great detail by Steven on his post in this blog entry, so you might want to check that out.

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Why and How Should You Start Warmachine & Hordes

Greetings fellow generals,
In today’s article I would like to talk about my game system of choice at the moment; Warmachine & Hordes from Privateer Press, and it’s painting intricacies.

Warmachine & Hordes is a competitive tabletop minis game, set in a steampunk world, where each player brings an agreed upon same points costed army to the table and then proceed to try to kill each other; or win via scenario objectives.

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