Journeyman League, Third Week

This week is a slow one, some of us are unable to avoid real life to attend to the league. But nevertheless there were some real good fights fought here.

The first game was between Retribution and Cryx, which is narrated in great detail by Steven on his post in this blog entry, so you might want to check that out.

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Battle Report: Hylenna vs Agathia, 25 points

Greetings Fellow Warriors,

This is a Battle Report between Cryx forces lead by Bane Witch Agathia and Retribution of Scyrah forces lead by Magister Hylenna. This is at 25 points for a journeyman league we were running.

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Journeyman League, First Blood

First week of our Journeyman League!

This week we had three separate meet-ups for our Journeyman League. The first one was on Wednesday where we had 2 Menoth, 1 Trollblood, 1 Retribution, 1 Circle, 1 Cryx, and 1 Mercs players. The matches are fierce and swift because some of us there are veterans, but it was fun and refreshing as well: Having less models/options on the table makes every Warjack destroyed a big blow to the battlegroup.

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