A Short Story: The Redeemed

To continue the article on Fluff, here is a short story I made for an army of Fallen Dark Angels: The Redeemed who insist on calling themselves Dark Angels again (confused Chaos Marines FTW). It was used during a campaign we did at our LGS many moons ago.

Anyway, without further ado, first, the setting of the campaign:


 *photo of the planet ain’t mine, found it via google, all credit to whomever owned it, mad skills bro


At the time of Abbadon’s 13th Black Crusade, when the Warmaster laid low to the Imperial Defenses of the Cadian sector and the attention of the Emperor’s forces were fully engaged, a small tremor of warp energy rocked the calm of space in a relatively quiet part of the Gothic sector.

It started with a small distortion in space, a ripple of a sort. Imperial sensor probe XII/AlphaTheta barely picked up anything on its old yet still sensitive multi spectrum array. Still, it activated its ancient analyzers, just to be on the safe side.

It had not even finished its first analysis when a second distortion shook its old metal frame. Alarm whistles rang as its repressors compensated for the backlash. The analyzers were sent to work trying to catch all the data as it panned it’s cameras toward the cause of the distress; A newly formed electrical warpstorm in the dark of space.

Like a ragged cut in the heart of reality, the warpstorm violently rages and rapidly grew in size. Green-red warp fueled lightning flashing before it, distorting the surrounding space. Waves of raw energy radiate away from the warpstorm like a tidal wave of chaos and destruction, then… a hole of impregnable blackness formed at it’s center and from the hole, a brown green planet slowly emerged.

Warp powered lightning strikes the planet endlessly as its birth causes natural disasters to erupt on its surface; earthquakes, floods, typhoons and tidal waves. Whole continents were formed and destroyed as the planet came fully into being on the material plane.

As the sensors strain to catch each detail, the analyzers came to several conclusions;

  1. The distortion has the same the energy output and patterns as that of the Eye of Terror (albeit a smaller version of it).
  2. The planet has been classified as having passable breathable air.
  3. The planet has been designated as planet H4-V80k of the Gothic sector.
  4. Imperial sensor XII/AlphaTheta has 3 minutes left to function before the released warp energies reaches its position and fries every circuit onboard its tiny metallic body.

Imperial sensor XII/AlphaTheta’s Machine Spirit pans its cameras to catch a last glimpse of Holy Terra as it’s relays sent the last data package it will ever send.

The Administratum Astronomican on Holy Terra has received the output of data from the doomed Imperial sensor probe XII/AlphaTheta a few hours ago and the pics and energy analysis were enough to send every Astrotelepath scurrying to their posts. Inquisitor Devak has been contacted and is now reviewing the data to determine an appropriate response. The remaining non-engaged Adeptus Astartes and 3 companies of the Imperial Guard are on full stand by for immediate deployment.

Meanwhile on the planet dubbed “Havok” by the astrotelepaths, dawn breaks for the first time in a millennia.

Flight of the Fallen

Brother Sergeant Ashriel checked around the mound of rubble and signaled the “All-clear” sign. His squad of veteran battle brothers fan out of the ruined building, scanning the area and covering each others back with the easy confidence that only a millenium of warfare and camaraderie can achieve.

“Brother Ashriel, the teleport beacon is ready.”


“Target is locked, getting a clear signal through the auspex, waiting for Verification”

“Very well, confirm verification before the teleport this time Gamail, we don’t want another Harakan incident now do we?”

“We survived that didn’t we, brother?” asked Gamail, a smile in his voice carried through the vox-link at the memory of the “incident”.

“Only by the grace of His divine light Gamail…, and of brother Zamael’s plasmagun carrying squad entering the same building that we happened to be in when the Ultramarine’s Terminators mistakenly teleported to us instead of our own brother terminators.”

A light tap on the helmet of each brother in the squad the only outward indication of a hearty round of laughter at that shared memory.

“Well, it was fortuna… hold! Receiving multiple return signals on the auspex. Multiple incomings, most probably hostile, they are on a converging course.”

“Very well” Answered Ashriel calmly, “Brothers, weapons are free but engage targets of opportunity only, conserve your ammo.”

Switching his armor’s vox-link channels with a thought, Ashriel contacts the rest of his exploratory expedition situated a bit further behind his small scouting force;

“Brothers, we move to teleport location Beta, Alpha has been compromised. Brother Halmeth, your Raptors are to provide cover for Samal’s squad who shall remain in their Rhino until ordered to engage, understand Samal? No heroics this time.”

“Agreed.” Halmeth’s rough gravely voice responded over the sound of his squad’s jump engines.

“Affirmative, though I liked you better when you weren’t so uptight Ashriel” Samal’s melodious and cultured voice answered, “This whole ‘repent-back-to-the-Emperor’ thing has got to you hasn’t it?”

Ashriel did not even deign a reply. The last few days weigh heavily on his mind. The exploratory force on the newly birthed planet of Havok was supposed to encounter only light resistance but so far they have blundered into a force of former Battle Brothers, a sorcerer of Mighty… no, that is wrong; it’s wretched, Wretched Tzeentch now, a Tau force complete with battlesuits and an Eldar force that featured dancing clowns who gave the Brothers a bloody nose.

The list of enemies of the Emperor grows daily it seems… but, as it was once a long time ago and as it will be in the future, it is Ashriel’s solemn duty as a Dark Angel Space Marine to be the mailed fist of His Divine wrath, the first to meet His challengers where ever they may be.

Shaking himself out of his contemplation, Ashriel opened his armor’s vox-link and addressed his Battle Brothers;

“Brothers, once again the enemy is upon us.”

“They think us weak.”

“They think us defeated.”

“They think us easy prey.”

“They think us forsaken of His Light.”

“They know nothing.”

“We have been given a chance at redemption.”

“For once again,”

“We feel the warmth of His Presence.”

“For once again,”

“We fight in His name.”

“Brothers, once again,”




 “For the Emperor!”


“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War



2 thoughts on “A Short Story: The Redeemed”

    1. Thanks dude, I did write this short story after playing a game, it was at low points, at the very beginning of the campaign where the story is that all the players start with a small scouting force


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