The Bard’s Corner

Greetings, adventurers

I’m Kai, the last of the triple ones. If my old buddy Steven calls himself a gaming whore, well my friends, I’d qualify as a one man gaming bordello, always open for business and down for anything you like.

I started my gaming hobby when my late father bought me the Nintendo Entertainment System, but like most kids in my country, I was only allowed to play video games in the weekends, ‘Watch TV instead, it’s better for you!’ cried my misguided parents.  From the get go, my first love was RPGs, starting from Final Fantasy 6 (Which I maintain is the best in the series) and anything else Squaresoft made before they became a hollow shell of their former selves.  Then came card games, then board games, tabletop wargames, and ultimately, Tabletop Roleplaying Games.

Out of all the different Genres I played, I always found that the narrative of the game is the most important bit for me. When I play video games, I immerse myself in the lore of the story, when I design a tabletop army, I come up with names and even background stories for the models, I guess it stems from my love of literature and stories in general. This makes tabletop roleplaying games the perfect games for me and that is what my blogs will mostly be about.


 Just a few of these books gives you endless adventures!

So what IS a tabletop roleplaying game? To me it isn’t so much a game as it is a framework to make your own games. Using a rulebook, a player can build their character any way they like. They then go on an adventure which will require them to use the skills and abilities they chose for their character. It sounds like a board game, yes, but there is one element that makes it different from your traditional board game, the content and storylines are made by a person in charge of the game session, the Game Master (Also known by its more kinky name of ‘Dungeon Master’). The role of a game master mixes storytelling and game designing, more art than science really. Some people paint, others sing, a game master make up stories and adventures for people to lose their selves in.


          A virtual tabletop used to play tabletop RPGs…On your laptops

I have been a game master for about 10 years, not a very impressive length, but pretty good for an asian (Because tabletop roleplaying is new here; not because I have a compulsion to slip a dick joke into my blog). My hope is that by sharing about my Tabletop Roleplaying experience, I can get more people into this rather niche hobby.

Stay safe and I’ll see you down the road


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