Journeyman League, Third Week

This week is a slow one, some of us are unable to avoid real life to attend to the league. But nevertheless there were some real good fights fought here.

The first game was between Retribution and Cryx, which is narrated in great detail by Steven on his post in this blog entry, so you might want to check that out.

Then we had a meet-up on Friday in two different locations: Fantasy n Games and Bakmi Mualaf. The first one is between Mercs vs Circle, with an eMagnus victory through assassination. Then we had two games in Bakmi Mualaf, first between Khador vs Skorne with Karchev’s victory, then between Karchev  Khador vs Kozlov Khador, again with Kharchev’s victory. Karchev sure racked up a lot of victories that day.

On Saturday we had another game between Menoth and Cryx, which resulted in a Menoth victory where it ended with Agathia having failed an assassination attempt at Reznik and got herself wracked at the end.

As the result, this week’s Destroyer Point goes to.. Indra with his Khador led by Karchev. And so we give praise to the Motherland and on we go to the Fourth and last week of the Journeyman.

– Daniel –


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