Battle Report: Hylenna vs Agathia, 25 points

Greetings Fellow Warriors,

This is a Battle Report between Cryx forces lead by Bane Witch Agathia and Retribution of Scyrah forces lead by Magister Hylenna. This is at 25 points for a journeyman league we were running.

Army Lists:

Retribution of Scyrah:
Magister Hylenna
Min Unit of Dawnguard Sentinels
Sentinels UA
Soulless Escort

Bane Witch Agathia
The Withershadow Combine
Warwitch Siren

Pre Deployment

He won the roll off to go first, so I get to choose the table side.

Looking at the table, I saw that there is a forest in front of a deployment zone that I might be able to use to hide my warcaster behind. There is also another forest on the other side that effectively splits up that side’s deployment zone. I let him have that side in the hopes that he will  have to split up his deployment. I am deathly afraid of his Reaper heavy warjack. That ‘jack can shoot something and then pull it across the table which will then get eaten by his Slayers. So I have to somehow disable or delay that warjack while keeping my distance… difficult since the scenario objective is to take the zone in the middle of the table.

My battle plan: Lead with the light warjacks and use the Sentinels as a shield from any ranged pull shenanigans his Reaper might do. I will also use my spell; Deceleration and Feat to mitigate incoming ranged damage and somehow take out his ‘jacks one by one. Truth to tell, if he comes in screaming, I don’t think I have the melee hitting power to kill 3 heavy warjacks in one go.


He deploys everything on the left side of the table (my perspective) with Agathia a bit central while the Deathripper is on the far left. I counter deploy with my griffon on my far left, thinking I can use it to take out or at least delay the Deathripper (his arcnode!) from my lines. Griffons have Pathfinder which should let me use the forest to my advantage. The Chimera goes next to the griffon to back him up with some spell debuffs. The Sentinels go to the left of Hylenna and directly opposite of his army while the Manticore goes on the far right, thinking of using him as a late game melee hitter.


Round 1

Cryx’ turn 1:

Agathia camps all her focus and everything aggressively runs forward, the Deathripper is behind the left forest and a bit more forward than the rest of his army.

Retribution’s turn 1:

The Chimera apparitions forward to get more range then everything else runs forward. The Griffon runs into the forest but cleverly keeps just out of line of sight of his army except to the Deathripper. The Chimera is also positioned behind the forest and the Griffon, ready to support the Griffon with spell debuffs from my warcaster. The sentinels run forward and adopt a 3-elf base to base team for the armor buff (becoming arm 17) while Hylenna herself just walks forward and casts Deceleration and Rythm of War.

Round 2

Cryx’ Turn 2:

Agathia thinks about killing the Griffon, apparently she has ghost walk (!) which means the Slayer is within walk distance of the Griffon… but then she decides not to and re positions her whole army to the right leaving my Griffon and Chimera out of position. She then casts her Vanish spell to get into the middle forest for the defense bonus, casts Hellwrought on the front most Slayer for the +armor bonus and then passes the turn to me.

Retribution’s turn 2:

Well, I look at the table and see that I have a chance to kill the front most slayer but to do that, I must get Hylenna into the shooting range of the Reaper and hope 3 Sentinels are enough… Gleg.

I start by upkeeping Rhythm of War and allocate one focus to the Manticore. I activate Hylenna first and move her up to get into shooting range of the Slayer. I shoot him, hit and then push/pull him 3″ closer to my lines. I cast Hand of Destruction on the Slayer then I Feat. Hylenna Camps 2 focus.. just in case. The Manticore activates next, powers up his gun, gets two shots and then shoots the Slayer for a few damage points thanks to Hand of Destruction (pow 12 vs arm 19… hiks). The Sentinels go next; the closest of the 3-elf team charges the Slayer while the rest huddles closer in front of Hylenna to form Fort Hylenna. The 3 charging Sentinels do quite a bit of damage on the slayer, taking out one of his arms and cortex? I don’t really remember. They didn’t kill him though which was disappointing.

The Griffon has no line of sight to anything but he still has a role to play, that of a speed bump. The Griffon runs in to jam his back line while the Chimera re positions to the middle of the field. The Gorgon moves up then shoots the Reaper, causing him to lose -2 SPD. Hopefully its enough to keep my stuff alive. End of turn, all my jacks (except the Griffon which is out side of Hylenna’s control area) Rhythms into more favorable positions.

Round 3

Cryx turn 3:

Agathia upkeeps Hellwrought then starts the Cryx’s with The Deathripper who walks up and almost killing the Griffon by himself! That little ‘jack is amazing! This was possible because the Griffon was outside of Hylenna’s control area so he didn’t benefit from Hylenna’s Feat. Next the Withershadow Combine hits the Griffon for a few more damage points and then one of them gives Agathia: Puppetmaster. Agathia activates next and casually walks over and smacks the Griffon dead then she Feats, casts Vanish again to get back into the safety of the forest and camps her remaining Focus. The front most slayer who has gained Ghost Walk… walks into the middle of my army with the intention of disrupting and blocking in my tightly packed infantry. He tried to hit a few times but they all bounced from the Sentinel’s buffed up armor. The second Slayer then charged my 3-elf team but suddenly the Dice Gods decided that they didn’t want any Sentinels to die this turn! All three attacks either missed or rolled badly enough on the damage… Same thing happened to the Reaper who also charged in… With a laugh, my opponent passes the turn.

Retribution turn 3:

So, looking at the board, I concluded that I can kill the almost dead Slayer with one of my combo striking lights then have the Sentinels charge into his heavy jacks while keeping my Manticore a bit back as a reserve. With a bit of luck, I can clear the scenario objective of the ‘jacks and start scoring.

Hylenna upkeeps Rhythm of War, gives one focus each to the Chimera and Gorgon then moves a bit to the right so that she will be hidden behind where I intend the Manticore to be after his next activation. The Chimera activates next and puts a fully boosted to hit and damage Combo Strike into the Slayer, doing just enough to kill it! The Sentinels, now free, charge into the second Slayer and Reaper. The final result was two half crippled warjacks; the Slayer lost an arm and his movement while the Reaper lost its melee weapon and cortex… damn, better that he lost his gun! Then I forget to mini feat with the Sentinels… Arrrgh!

The Gorgon goes next, moves up to target the Deathripper but then I suddenly remember that part of Agathia’s Feat was that her army becomes Stealthed! Wasted Focus allocation FTL… with a dejected sigh, I move the Manticore, Rhythms both Manticore and Gorgon back a bit (knowing the Gorgon was easy pickings for the Deathripper) and ends my turn.

Round 4

Cryx turn 4:

Agathia maxes out the Slayer and Deathripper with Focus then starts the turn by charging the Deathripper into the Gorgon (sigh). Once again the Dice Gods were with me and the Deathripper left the Gorgon with just one health box! The Warwitch Siren, seeing an opportunity to shine, walks up and sprays down the line of Sentinels killing 2 of them and putting a corrosion marker on another.

The Slayer goes next and…. does absolutely nothing with his 3 focus other than killing one Sentinel.. apparently rolling 5s to hit with two dice is extremely hard! The Reaper shows the Slayer how its done by killing another Sentinel with his one lone melee weapon.

The Withershadow Combine ends Cryx’s turn by re positioning and taking a few shots at my light warjacks.

Retribution turn 4:

Not believing my Luck, I Vengeance move the Sentinels up and kill the Warwitch Siren and put a few more damage on the Reaper.

I start my turn feeling confident that I can finish off the Slayer and Reaper and then gain 2 scenario points via warcaster domination. And so Hylenna upkeeps Rhythm of War and allocates 2 to the Chimera and 2 to the Manticore.

I then charge the Chimera into the Deathripper.

I… didn’t kill it.

Hmmmm, not a good start.

I move on to the killing of the Slayer and Reaper, of which the Sentinels finally, Finally do. Then the Manticore moves up and takes shots at Agathia but due to her being in a forest, the chances of rolling a hit was very unlikely.

Then I make a mistake that is born of over confidence; I moved Hylenna up into the scenario zone, right up to the Manticore’s butt. I didn’t need to, I could have just come into the zone a bit but seeing the enemy army is severely depleted, I wasn’t thinking correctly,.. nor did I take into account Agathia’s threat range, which I could’ve measured.

After putting down Hylenna in her final position and seeing the smile spreading on Jovan’s face, I knew I did something very very wrong…

Round 5


Cryx turn 5:

After thinking about it a bit and taking into account the damage of eating two free strikes from two Sentinels, Agathia went for the Assassination.

Agathia camps her whole stack of Focus but seeing as how she had to kill the Sentinel’s Standard Bearer that is standing in the way, Agathia had to be mindful of her order of activations.

The Deathripper goes first and killes the one-box-left Gorgon, freeing itself for some arc node goodness if Agathia needs it to cast Parasite.

The Withershadow Combine goes next and shoots the Sentinel’s Standard Bearer off the table. (and puppetmastering Agathia)


The moment of Truth

Agathia declares a charge on Hylenna (she even had line of sight! Arrrgh..)

Agathia makes her move past the two Sentinels, she takes two free strikes… and survives on two health boxes!

Agathia is now face to face with Hylenna, but then she hits a snag: does she boost to hit, losing some attacks, or does she just use her Focus to buy more attacks?

Needing an 8 to hit on two dice is a tricky situation seeing as how an 8 is juuuuust above the average of two dice.

Agathia decides to just buy more attacks (which I think is the right call since Hylenna does have 16 health)

Unfortunately, the Dice Gods simply didn’t favor Cryx this game, out of 6 attacks, she only connected with two, bringing Hylenna down to 7 (? I don’t rightly remember) health left.

Seeing as how Agathia is out of Focus and is next to Hylenna and a Manticore, my opponent conceded.

Good Game.


My opponent played a very cagey game, starting the piece trade with his Slayer, thinking I couldn’t kill it in one go (and he was right!) but then his dice failed him miserably.

I guess I have to be more careful on my positioning and threat range gauging. I was ahead on that game and seriously didn’t need to have a heart attack just at the very end.

I maintain that Retribution at this level simply do not have the melee power to overcome more than one warjack at a time. Maybe next week when we go to 35 points I will have more toys to play with but as of right now? Man o man…


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