Journeyman League, Second Week

For the second week we only had 2 meet-ups. The first one was a meet-up on Wednesday in Fantasy n’ Games, Mall Taman Anggrek. There were actually more games played in this meet-up, but not all of them were for the league. There were 2 league games played: Retribution vs Trollblood, with Retribution victory; and Menoth vs Circle, with Menoth victory.

Several memorable moments happened during these matches, but especially when Kromac with 14 Fury failed to kill Malekus with only 6 Focus. That’ll burn in Kromac’s brain for years to come.

The second meet-up was on Friday in Playtest Games, Kemang. There were 5 games played in this meet-up with 3 Mercenaries victory, 1 Menoth victory, and 1 Circle victory.

My game with Magnus against Steven with Hylenna is a very close one. The Mercs managed to damage the Gorgon’s Generator early on to disable its -2 SPD gun, but then Helynna retaliated by destroying Rover and feated. The game went into a slog but then Helynna failed an assassination attempt, which resulted in a counter-assassination.

Kreoss vs Kromac is also an interesting game, which involves Albert rolling triple sixes on his damage roll then followed by a double sixes on a fire continuous effect damage roll, both against Kromac and immediately giving him an early victory. We speculate that it might cost all of Albert’s luck for the week.

Finally, the paintings. Man, you should see that Kozlov’s cloak by Indra.

This week resulted in the Mercenaries victory, which results in a 1 point lead by both Steven’s Retribution and my Mercenaries. Onto the third one we go!

– Daniel –


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