Journeyman League, First Blood

First week of our Journeyman League!

This week we had three separate meet-ups for our Journeyman League. The first one was on Wednesday where we had 2 Menoth, 1 Trollblood, 1 Retribution, 1 Circle, 1 Cryx, and 1 Mercs players. The matches are fierce and swift because some of us there are veterans, but it was fun and refreshing as well: Having less models/options on the table makes every Warjack destroyed a big blow to the battlegroup.

The second meet-up was a smaller one with only 1 Cryx and 1 Retribution players, but no less interesting. Retribution won via assassination over Cryx.

Finally the last meet-up of the week was one in Uber Games headquarter, with 1 Retribution and 2 Khador players. Would’ve joined this meet-up myself as well if it weren’t for my daddy-duty. Retribution grab one win while one Khador grab the second one.

Aside from all the games, some players also manage to submit some paintings for the week.

And so, the Destroyer Point for the first week is awarded to… Steven with his Yellow Retribution. Gratz dude!

Now, onto the second week of the Journeyman League.

– Daniel –


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