Welcome to Triple Ones!

Hi folks, and welcome!

For our first post in our blog, we wanted to share our vision of what we would like to achieve through Triple Ones.

Triple Ones are three good friends who were brought together through our hobby: tabletop gaming. Steven started when Games Workshop was the only tabletop gaming company in the world: Gorkamorka was the new hotness and Warhammer Quest had no Sigmarine in it. Kai started from playing Pokemon TCG and tried everything else from Dungeons and Dragons to Tabletop wargames. Finally Daniel, who was already a boardgamer at the time, was introduced into tabletop gaming through Monsterpocalyse.

Our tabletop gaming community in Jakarta is very small even compared to our neighboring countries like Singapore or Malaysia. We would like to try to change this; especially for tabletop wargaming because we really-really love it. Recently, there’s a recent growth of new players brought in by Warmachine & Hordes MK3; and so we think that there’s no better time than now to start our blog in hope that it’ll keep the community growth going.

And so, Triple Ones is born to bring to you various weekly tabletop gaming related contents: strategic aticles, battle/session reports, events coverage, hobby related tips and tricks, and other related contents. We are planning to cover all games that we played, from Warmachine & Hordes, Boardgames, and Role Playing Games.

Like all good things, they don’t come instantly. So any input, suggestions, and critics are very welcome; just remember to keep them civilized and appropriate. We hope to keep on improving the quality our contents over the time.

That being said, enjoy your stay in Triple Ones!

– Daniel –


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